6015 East Superior Street
Duluth, MN   55804
Phone: 218-464-4448
Fax: 218-464-4449

It is the philosophy of Psycnsew Creations that each individual has the resources they need to cope with the issues of their life & be the person they would like to be, stored within them.  At times it is difficult to access these resources when needed or desired.  
Come learn how to access your inner resources.

Individual Therapy: focus on general clinical issues and specializing in trauma recovery.
Family Therapy: addressing relational & family dynamic issues; family member addictions & trauma,
Hypnosis: A tool in therapy to work at the subconscious level to change beliefs & behaviors. 
Body Therapy: Releasing unhealthy energy held in the body, likely from past trauma.
Spirit Attachment Removal: Release disincarnate spirits who have attached to you and effect your life. 
Past Life Regression Therapy:  a chance to explore how your past life events effect your current lifetime.
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapy: Journey into the soul experience between lifetimes and gain understanding of your life purpose.​

The office setting provides a calm homey atmosphere. Psycnsew Creations is located in a quiet peaceful area of the far north eastern side of Duluth making it convenient to those living up the north shore. No need to struggle with city traffic or parking down town. Being just a half a block from Lester River Park and the famous Seven Bridges Road makes this a place you will want to come visit just for the beauty of it!
Insurance plans accepted for traditonal therapy:
MA     Minnesota Care
Optim - Medica     Select Care     United Health Care
United Behavioral Health    Health Partners
 UCare  Aetna
Self-pay clients are accepted, inquire for rates.

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation, Past Life Regression Therapy & Between Lives Spiritual Regression sessions are offered at the self-pay rate. 

The backyard of the office has been developed into a peace garden with a full walking LABYRINTH and 2 seating areas for relaxation and therapy sessions in an outdoor environment.  This area continues to evolve
Inviting therapeutic spaces